Community Leadership

Early in the pandemic as COVID was bodychecking local small businesses, we knew that many local charities and non-profit organizations were facing incredible hurdles. Despite seasoned board members and skilled operations staff, many were barely managing to survive, let alone freeing up money for badly needed repairs. Even though Twin Lions’ own project work had slowed to a dribble, we were able to put six strapping young guys to work in the community volunteering labour. In our mind, if there wasn’t enough work for them, and we’re paying them anyway, they may as well be put to good use in the community.
Community Leadership

We were able to renovate change rooms and repair a shed roof at our local Capilano Rugby Club, and we helped the North Shore Women’s Centre by making several minor, but desperately needed repairs. We installed two new kitchens at a North Shore Disability Resource Centre group home, and we built wheelchair accessible garden boxes in another. And when heavy rain demolished a large outdoor activity tent at the Parkgate Community Centre we dismantled and trucked it away to the transfer station.

For these volunteer efforts, we were surprisedly, but proudly, awarded the Community Leadership Award from the North Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone has their own personal reasons why they try to make a difference. For Kevin and Ben, co-owners of Twin Lions, giving back to the community where they both grew up has always meant the world to them. It is, and has always been, the cornerstone of the company. Navigating through COVID gave Twin Lions the opportunity to support other members of our community who we would not otherwise have met. That’s a feeling money can’t buy. For that, we are grateful.

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